Applaws - Dog & Cat Food - Wet & Dry Foods

The pet food that delivers health and wellbeing

Applaws pet food contains all natural ingredients making it the best pet food for keeping your cat’s and dog’s in peak condition

Barking/Meowing Heads - Dog & Cat Food - Wet & Dry Foods

The Barking Heads story starts in 2008. Paul, Dave and Jim all worked for an American pet food company and when said company was bought by the people who make Mars Bars, they (Paul, Dave and Jim) decided to seek pastures new and the entrepreneurial spirit took over.

‘What about the three of us starting a business making and selling a range of ultra-premium, all-natural and healthy food for dogs and cats’ they said.

Canagan - Dog & Cat Food - Wet & DryFoods - Treats


Our team of talented nutritionists have taken prime cuts of meat and fish, blended them with specially selected vegetables and botanicals and created a range of foods that meet the natural dietary needs of your pets

Celtic Connection - Dog & Cat Food - Dry Foods

Complete and balanced holistic pet food. 

Ancient Celtic Knowledge and Veterinarian Recommended. Also have grain and gluten free recipes and non-GMO ingredients.

Country Hunter- Dog & Cat Food - Wet & Dry Foods.


Our team of talented nutritionists have taken prime cuts of meat and fish, blended them with specially selected vegetables and botanicals and created a range of foods that meet the natural dietary needs of your pets

Fish4Dogs / Fish4Cats - Dog & Cat Food - Wet Foods

Fish4Dogs is a small independent company with just under 30 of us working from our base in rural Worcestershire.  We have not been around long - properly in business since 2007. 

We are not a huge corporation – we are a small, and like minded group of individuals with shared set of values and aims.

The first thing anyone notices is that we all have a genuine belief in our product – we know it’s good and know that it’s good for the dogs. 

Fourthglade - Dog & Cat Food - Wet Foods

Frustrated by the lack of good quality natural pet food, Forthglade was established in 1971 by a small Devon team of pet owners. A new range of naturally nutritious meals was soon developed, packed with delicious meats, wholesome ingredients and absolutely no nasties.  The pet owning manufacturers were soon recognised as UK pioneers in the production of natural wet pet foods.

Lily's Kitchen - Dog & Cat Food - Wet & Dry Foods

It all began with Lily, Henrietta’s adorable border terrier. She's at the heart of the family, and her battle with itchy skin became the inspiration for our healthy food for cats and dogs.

Once Henrietta discovered what regular pet food was made from, she decided to cook Lily’s meals from scratch using proper, natural ingredients. The transformation in Lily’s health was so remarkable she knew she had to share her recipes with other pet owners. People like her, who are looking for a truly nutritious meal they can trust to be the best for their pet.

Lovejoys- Dog & Cat Food - Wet & Dry Foods

We're a family business based in Norfolk and everything we do is because we understand the joy of owning a pet, the unconditional love they give and the care and attention you provide in return.

Our nutritionists understand the importance of using high quality ingredients and just how much impact this can have on the health and happiness of pets. We take great care to ensure that everything that goes into our dog food is paramount to your dog's well being

Yora - Dog Food - Dry Foods


Reducing our meat intake is one of the best things we can do for the environment, but what about our pets?

We’ve created a revolutionary new food that swaps meat for insects. Our grubs are just as nutritious as traditional meat without the cost to the planet.

Pooch & Mutt - Dog Food - Dry Foods

The majority of pet food sold in the UK is made by the same confectionery companies that are behind the obesity epidemics in our children. We don’t think this is right. We don’t think this offers customers the choice and quality that they deserve.

We think that there should be more honesty in pet food, both about the ingredients that go in to the foods and about who is behind the foods. We want customers to know what they are buying and who they are buying from.

Simpsons Premium- Dog & Cat Food - Wet & Dry Foods - Treats

With the help of leading nutritionists, we have created a wide range of wet and dry food with your pet in mind, taking into consideration their health, wellbeing and dietary requirements. For dogs, we have varying flavours of sensitive, grain-free, Organic and high-meat dog food, as well as puppy food that provides all the nutrients for a growing dog. For cats, we have wet and dry food made with a range of healthy ingredients, as well as an organic wet adult food that will give your feline a balanced, natural diet.

Symply- Dog & Cat Food - Wet & Dry Foods


Symply recipes contain only the finest natural ingredients for the balanced and complete diet he needs to stay in top condition. All Symply products are free of artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Formulated with wholesome ingredients and natural antioxidants rich in vitamins to enhance the immune system.

Rockster- Dog Food- Wet Food

At Rockster we believe in the power of food to preserve and restore health, and consider the gut a vital organ to be nurtured. We believe in superfoods, prebiotics, and the absolute right to know EXACTLY what we put into our bodies. DOGS ARE NO DIFFERENT! That's why we've developed products for dogs that are life-enhancing in every way.

Eden- Dog & Cat Food- Dry Food

The Eden Promise

  • Produce only the very best foods possible that are 100% Natural

  • Never use grains and cereals, animal derivatives, fillers, sweeteners or flavourings in our food

  • Openly list all ingredients – including the amounts of the main ingredients that our food contains

  • Use the highest level and quality of ingredients where possible from within the UK

  • Use accurate descriptions and never use misleading information to hide the truth about the contents

  • Never create misleading packaging with pictures of ingredients that don’t represent anything that is inside the package or use jargon to hide the truth about our food

Natures Deli - Dog Food- Dry Food

A complete natural dog food with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Made in the UK and designed for being hypoallergenic, 100% natural as well as being wheat, grain & dairy free.

Edgard & Cooper- Cat and Dog Food- Dry & Wet Food

feed them


Naturally tasty cat and dog food that you, your pets and our planet can feel good about.

Taste of the Wild- Cat Foods- Dry Food

At Taste of the Wild, we believe every pet deserves excellent nutrition that tastes great. Every ingredient is carefully selected from trusted sources, each recipe is designed by our veterinarians and nutritionists to meet specific nutritional requirements and every product is tested for quality and safety before leaving our facilities.

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