Grooming Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions:

All clients are required to fill out to their best ability and sign the declaration form provided. All personal information is kept confidential and not shared with third party. 

We ask if any personal information about your pets’ health or temperament change, that you make us aware, so we can continue to provide the best service for your pets’ specific requirements. 

Welfare of the animal:

By complying with the Animal Welfare Act 2006, animals must be free from pain, injury, suffering and disease. Whilst your pet is under the care of Ziggy’s Grooming salon, the animal’s welfare is our main priority. If any pre-existing conditions are found throughout the grooming process, we, Ziggy’s Grooming, will contact you directly so you are made aware and are able to seek medical advice.


Ziggy’s Grooming reserves the right to refuse any animal which may put the staff at risk. If your pet has been booked in for a groom and has shown signs of behavioural issues and aggression which had not been disclosed in the consent form, the groom may be terminated. We will contact you directly and ask you to collect your pet. 

You must make us aware if your pet has any behavioural issues or has shown any aggressive tendencies. According to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, it is illegal for your dog to be out of control in a public place. It also involves your dog biting or attacking someone.  Your dog is considered out of control if it were to injure someone or make someone worried that your pet might injure them. 


Matted fur disallows the circulation of air around the body, to the skin. Mats can be prone to cause fungal infections, sores to the skin and can harvest fleas and ticks under the fur. Mats can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog. Mats will need to be removed as they will not dry properly when wet and instead will start to rot and affect the skin beneath. Mats may need to be shaved depending on the severity. If extreme, the skin may appear irritated and sore where the matting had become tight and pulled at the skin. For the skin and coat to be kept in good condition, grooming regularly is recommended. 

De-matting if required will be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes throughout the groom. For severely matted coats where de-matting isn’t viable, the fur will need to be shaved completely. A complete shave will be more time consuming and the products and equipment will be used significantly more than during the routine groom. 

If the pets’ fur is matted, I, the owner, grant permission for the fur to be shaved, to prevent causing any pain or discomfort to the animal. 

Poorly maintained/matted coats require additional time to groom. We reserve the right to charge an extra fee if the dog is deemed matted and needs additional treatment. 


Payment is to be made upon collection of the dog. Estimates are made on the dogs’ breed and weight. However, owners must be aware that some dogs may need extensive treatment and therefore will include an additional charge.

You can expect to pay more than the initial groom price for:

  • Matted or poorly maintained coats

  • Nervous pets which may require frequent breaks and additional handling

  • Pets contaminated with fleas/ticks

  • Pets which are difficult to manage and need additional staff to complete the groom

These extra costs are charged reasonably due to the cost of labour, using additional products, extra staff, and additional equipment.

Uncollected dogs will be charged a sitting fee of £5 per 30 minutes of being kept outside the allocated time slot. 

Difficult dogs may require additional time and extra staff to carry out the groom. We therefore reserve the right to charge an additional fee depending on the extra work carried out. 


Whilst we understand appointments may need to be cancelled or rescheduled, we ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice where possible. On the occasion that the appointment is missed, it will mean we are left with an empty appointment slot which will have a negative impact on our business financially. 

We therefore reserve the right to charge a fee of £10 for appointments missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, payable prior to any future booking. 

Veterinary attention if required:

Although unlikely, accidents can occur throughout grooming. In the event an accident or medical issue were to occur, you, as the owner, authorise us to seek emergency veterinary treatment. It is clearly understood that the animals’ health is the main priority and all attention given to your dog(s) is accepted at the owners’ risk. 

As the owner, you are aware that any medical problems which may be found throughout the grooming process during de-matting and stripping of the coat, may need to have veterinarian attention. In case of any injury or illness, if any dog should need attention from the veterinarian, the owner agrees to pay any and all fees. 

Parasites (ticks and fleas):

Ziggy’s Grooming thrives to be a parasite (flea/tick) free environment. If your dog is found with fleas, they will be bathed in a natural tea tree flea shampoo which repels the fleas. This means we also must treat the salon, so any parasites are not transferred onto other dogs. An additional charge of £10 is added to the grooming bill if fleas are found. If ticks are found, an additional charge of £5 will be added as they will be removed.


If parasitical topical treatment e.g. Advocate is administered to your dog, 48 hours must be given before having a groom, to allow the treatment to spread along the body before being washed. 

We do NOT provide a service for emptying anal glands. You are advised to consult your own vet if you require this service.

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